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We are a leading nationwide provider of on-time Wire EDM machining services.


We combine people and technology to provide precision wire EDM machining.


Our Mitsubishi MV4800 has submerged cutting capacity up to 20.0 inches deep.


The goal we have set for our people and process is absolutely zero defects.

Our goal is simple, deliver zero defects on time, every time.
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Cutting Edge Wire EDM Equipment

We leverage capacity and speed using the latest EDM machining technology

Mitsubishi MV4800 Advance Wire EDM machine

Mitsubishi MV4800

Development of a custom machine and tooling shop order management system.

Large Capacity Wire EDM

This machine’s standout feature from previous models is its increased travel, making it ideal for larger part production. The MV4800 Advance features an extensive travel of 31.5” x 23.6” x20.0” and can machine workpieces up to 53.1” x 43.3” x 20.0.” Submerged, it cuts as much as 20” deep.

The MV4800 features a new, non-contact cylindrical drive system and the M700 series control with a 15-inch touchscreen. With advancements in machine construction and power supply technology, the MV4800 has revolutionized EDM machining and increases our productivity

  • Maximum Workpiece Dimensions: 53.1" w x 43.3" d x 20.0" h
  • Maximum Submerged Workpiece Weight: 6,600 lbs
  • Table Dimensions: 45.3" x 38.4"
Mitsubishi MV2400R Wire EDM machine

Mitsubishi MV2400R

System to create and organize regulatory compliance records and certificates.

Advanced Wire EDM

The new innovative MV series features improvements in machine construction, auto-threading, internal machine communication, power supply technology and operating costs.

For easier user interface, the MV2400-R Advance Plus utilizes the new M700 series control with a 15-inch touchscreen. It also showcases Mitsubishi's continuous dedication to high precision through new innovations—including a new non-contact Cylindrical Drive System. The technology available with the MV2400-R represents significant advancements in wire EDM technology.

  • Maximum Workpiece Dimensions: 23.6" w x 15.7" d x 12.2" h
  • Maximum Submerged Workpiece Weight: 3,307 lbs
  • Table Dimensions: 33.0" x 25.2"
We utilize machine monitoring software which drives quality
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